Photo by Ghaith Harsmany — Unsplash

The day you believe you have something to prove

Is the day you let doubt win.

On the never-ending quest for enoughness

We torture ourselves again and again

Trying to fit into a box that wasn’t designed for you

Like the ugly sisters in cinderella

Cramming on her glass shoe.

Conquer fear of failure with this new mantra for success.

Photo by Harnoor Dhaliwal — Unsplash

Success is on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

The world is starting to wake up and discover that there is more to life than we originally thought. We’re starting to understand that we all have the potential to really make something of ourselves.

Aspiring artists, writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs worldwide…

Don’t let insecurities and anxiety make you believe it’s always your fault

Photo by Andres Hernandez — Unsplash

Do you have a habit of overreacting to your partner's behaviors?

Do you recognize this in yourself?

When you know that you have a habit to overreact, there’s an internal battle between understanding what was justified and what was blown out of proportion.

The lines between what was an acceptable…

Emma Loveday

Mindset & Emotional Resilience. Writer, artist, blogger. Lover of slippers, 13% vol red wine & queso. FREE PERSONAL GROWTH RESOURCES:

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